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 Exam Results Form (Copy A1)


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  Exam Result Form A
    Exam Result Form A1
    Exam Result Form B


Friendly reminder

Please be reminded that all details must be filled. Non applicable items should be put a dash (-) in it. Submit only once. Thank you


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    Email address:

    Mara Ref no:



    Progress report from:


    Please list subjects and grades of the current academic year :

    Example : Analogue Electronics (Pass) 90% - A

                     Human Anatomy (Fail) 33% - F

                     Economics (Refer) 67% - B

    Please list below the subjects to be taken in the forthcoming academic year. Indicate if these subjects are core/elective/optional :

    Example : Analogue Electronics (Core)

                     Human Anatomy (Optional)

                     Economics (Elective)

    I hereby certify that the results declared by the above named is true and correct. A hardcopy of this form is send by mail.

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